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The Blue Lady 

On the eve of her 32 birthday Ylenia, a serious journalist is commissioned to write about an infamous ghost story that originates in the Verdala Palace. The story is about the Blue Lady, a young woman who haunts the halls of the palace after she threw herself out of a tower window and fell to her death.

Ylenia hates the “ghost story” element of this piece and is much more interested in what would drive a young woman to this madness, having faced the problem of mental health in her own family. 
Meanwhile, Matteo, Ylenia’s childhood friend and a police officer is investigating a series of murders and disappearances in the area surrounding the palace. As the two friends embark on uncovering their respective mysteries it becomes apparent that Ylenia’s story and Matteo’s murders are linked and the two friends and their shared history is that link.

Black & Blue Minimalist Dark Women Film Poster (1).jpg

Feature Film - Horror /Thriller 

Writer - Emma Williamson 


85% funded 
Eligible for Private Invest
ment offering a 40% Cash Rebate

Pitch deck available  

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